Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teen Mom 2, Season 2, Episode 6 & 7 : I watched this show for 2 hours and all I got was this blog....

Dear lord.  This week was an endurance test for me.  I legit thought that MTV was possibly trying to kill me by showing 2 shows back to back.

Leah - Just in case anyone else was keeping track Leah said "Geneticist" 1, 245,900 times this episode (give or take a few times.  Geneticist. Geneticist. Geneticist) oh and she still can't pronounce it.  Anygeneticist, they go to the geneticist (drink!) and learn that Ali may have some sort of genetic disorder but they won't know the results of the blood tests 4 weeks.  I think the genetic disorder was call coloradomelia dysplasia or something (don't quote me on that.  I was drifting off from time to time while watching).   Oh also a Physical Therapist came by and said that Ali needs some braces to be able to stand.  The good news is that they said that she will be able to stand and probably walk.  Yay for good news for them.  Oh also Ali stands on her own (assisted).  Leah's mom remembers that she got Leah to walk by putting cheese puff out and leah would walk to get them.  That explains a lot.  Especially why Leah insists on being the shade of cheese puffs.  And, Ali doesn't have that disorder.  They tell Leah to keep doing the physical therapy and to contact them in a year.  I would get a second opinion.  Something's just not right there.

Chelsea - She has to move out of her house because the owners are wanting to sell it.  She makes an agreement with Randy to get a place with the budget being $700 max.   She goes and finds a place that rents for $790 a month.  She's never going to get that GED with those math skills....Oh and Chelsea's going to try to pay utilities.  How hard is life for her?  Also, she died her hair Playboy bunny bleach blonde and got some crazy extensions.  She loves it.  It makes my eyes hurt.  Apparently Adam hates it too because he's back to being a d-bag and isn't coming around as much.  We all know how this is going to end right?  Also, Chelsea's 1 ride or die friend Megan is back and guess what?  She's pregnant.  However you probably knew that because it looked like she gained about 25lbs and her belly is showing. We then get to witness the only time I've seen Chelsea be smart ever as she tells Megan how hard it's been for her since she had a baby.  In all actuality it hasn't been realistically hard for Chelsea since MTV and her father has supported her this entire time.  However Megan doesn't have that MTV check to fall back on since MTV's not interested in picking up her pregnancy as a spin off.  Sorry Megan!  Good luck!

Kailyn- Let's see here.  I think Kailyn's back to burning bridges again.  She's still not communicating with her mom (crazy Suzi) and she can't seem to understand why Janet would be upset with her.  I used to feel sorry for her but now it's obvious that she has serious issues when it comes to communicating with others.  She either acts rude or cries.  It's getting old.  Moving on, it's Isaac's 1st birthday and Kailyn throws a party at her income-subsidized apartment.  Kailyn makes some cupcakes and everyone comes over and has a blast.  Jordan even bought Isaac some shoes that seriously won't even fit Isaac for at least 3 years.  Later, she totals her car and has to get it salvaged.  She has no money cant afford to get a new car.  She decides it's time to file for child support but instead of calling Jo to speak to him about it like an adult she leaves a voicemail.  "Hi, it's me.  I'm filing for child support. Bye."  Jo is pissed and handles it in his old Jo style by calling and spitting out some insults but she just hangs up on him.  Note to Kailyn: You can do whatever you want regarding child support but when you're filming your second season for a hit MTV show and you're carrying a Coach purse and talking on an I-phone it's hard for us to see that you're broke.

Jenelle- Jenelle missed the deadline on purpose  to enroll into school so she has to wait to re-enroll in the summer.  Also she has to go to court due to the breaking and entering/ marijuana charges that she racked up last season.  Kieffa is out of jail and Jenelle is running back to him.  He gladly accepts his meal ticket and things are back to normal for them.  Before court Jenelle went to see her lawyer who told her that she needs to stop smoking weed.  I love how Jenelle admitted to smoking, said it would be on her drug test during court and then asked how long she would need to stay clean for.  She's more committed to that than she is to Jace.  Jenelle's car breaks down and she works out a "deal" to get a very nice used car (thank you MTV wink wink).  Also in this 2 parter we get some good gems of advice from Barb about court such as:

"Kieffa's done. He's done."  "Whateva you do don't lie about smokin' da weed to the judge man.  He'll throw da book at ya!"

I heart Barb.  I heart her so much.  They get lucky because court's closed (possibly because of snow flurries?  I love the South).  Later Jenelle gets a text from an ex-boyfriend and it starts a fight with Kieffa.  He says that Jenelle gets texts from guys and he doesn't get texts from any girls.  Probably because you live on a grassy knoll.  Do they get phone reception out there?  Keiffa walks out and doesn't talk to Jenelle for 4 days.  By day 4 she's on a 5150 status and is ready to break.  She can't even watch Jace for 10 minutes so Barb can go pay the sewaaaa bill because she's in her room crying and repeatedly calling Kieffa.  She finally gets ahold of him and he comes over in his nicest Betty White t-shirt to break up with her.  She starts crying and even chases him down the street after he gets in his friends car saying that she loves him.  Pathetic.

Whew!  I'm exhausted.  On next week, Kailyn gets bangs and talks to Jo about child support, Adam leaves Chelsea (shock), they may have figured out what's going on with Ali and Kieffa realizes who has been paying for him and comes crawling back.  Stay tuned.

P.S. I know I spell Kieffer's name wrong all the time.  I don't care.  =)


  1. I don’t think Kail is intentionally sneaky. I just think she’s missing some life skills in terms of how to act appropriately. I did laugh when she ended the voicemail to Jo about filing for child support with a simple “Sorry!”

  2. Did anyone else notice how Kail kept saying she is working two jobs in the first episodes but now she only works part time? Doesn't make sense, I was wondering how the **** she got on that program to only pay $50 a month for rent, dang wouldn't that be the life?? I don't understand how these girls are "broke." They make more for one episode than I do all year and I'm still making it not on any type of state or federal help. I'm sick of hearing them complain about how broke they are.

  3. I actually enjoyed reading this blog. I think the writing is great and done in a very funny way. What I don't understand though is why part of the MTV program, it doesn't offer these girls some counseling so they can make better choices for their future instead of just following them around with a camera.

  4. Why do Kail and Janelle feel the need to buy new cars when theirs break down-wouldn’t it be more economical to fix it? My hubby was unable to handle the fact that Kail was PAYING to have her car stored somewhere. He kept saying over and over again, “tow it your house, idiot. You can keep it there for free!”

  5. I just found your blog and you are my new hero. You crack my shit up. I love the train wreck of TM2 for the same reasons you do.

  6. ^^^Awww shucks! Making a girl feel special.