Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teen Mom- Things I've missed

I've been out of commission for a bit but I promise you that I will have a new article up for Teen Mom this week!  For now, I will just focus on the things that I have missed from the show the past 2 weeks:

 Farrah's mom's feathered hair (Oh Debra...I think we know how Farrah got her name..)

The Ugly Cry - She's had so many chances to give us her all.  Even visiting Derek's grave but no cry yet.  Come on Farrah, we're waiting.

Gary's bare belly- well.....maybe we can do without this one..

Yawning Ryan - or as I like to call him "Ryaaaawn"

And last but not least..........

April and Butch - need I explain this one??

New Episode tonight!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The end of an Aero era.....

Sadness envelops my heart as I must report to you that Gary Shirley from Teen Mom can no longer wear Aeropostale.  Apparently he was sent a letter from them banning him from wearing their brand.  So I guess all we can do now is reflect on the joy the 3x too small Aero tees brought us.  Here's to an end of an era Gary!!

Awww the memories:

If you are vehemently against the Aero ruling you can always discuss your displeasure on Facebooks.  It seems that a new group has popped up so that Gary can start wearing those size M shirts once again.  If you agree click the link and join the fight!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

If her Keds light up, she's too young for you bro!!!!!!

"I'm not going to let the whole "Ron thing" get to me.  I'm just not." - OOOkkkaay Sammi...

They'rrrrrrreeeeeee Baaaaaack Broooooooooooo!

Jersey has landed and they're back to fist pump the f*ck out of Italy!  Here are some things I noticed:

-Deena attacking Pauly D with her tongue.....ewwwwwwwww
-Ronnie being surprisingly calm this entire episode (possibly off the juice??)
-The cast is working at a pizza place in Florence (Now I guess they'll have something to put on their resume when they're applying for jobs once the show's run is over).
-Snooki hooked up with Snitch but won't admit it to anyone (I wouldn't either).
-The roommates finally decided to confront Sammi on how stupid she acts about Ronnie when she's drunk.
-Two grown straight men should never be in an Italian hot tub together EVER.

I'll also be showcasing a favorite Snookcessory every episode.  This week: Furry Boots
 <--There's a super pissed off Pomeranian out there that's shivering right now.
On to the favorite quotes of the episode:

"Let's just say if I f*ck her tonight & then I f*ck other girls....I don't want her to cry you know." - Pauly (classy)

"Making coffee in Italy is like making coffee in the 1600's." - J-Woww

"Nice Windbreaker Bro!" - Vinny

"If Gionni can't make Snooki happy, then the Situation is more than happy to step up to the plate and hit a homer." - Sitch (more like an infield single....)

"Como se dice lost?"- Pauly

"It looks like a Dominoes version of Italy pizza."- Sammi (get familiar with it girlie)

"Where'd you learn to make pizza?  B*tch I made it in Florence so shut your mouth and enjoy your pizza!" - J-Woww (hold off on having kids/grandkids for awhile J-Woww)

"I don't speak Italian, how the f*ck would I know how to make a pizza." - Snooki

"She loves the hot salami." - The boys about Snooki.  So true boys.  Snookie DOES want smush smush.....

"I love Rome!!  I mean...Italy!" - Snooki
Finally the best part of the episode - "She's too young for you".  The guys are now realizing the importance of ID'ing these hoebags they bring home.  However there ARE some tell-tell signs...

1.  "Yo, if she still has coloring books, she's too young for you yo!"

2.  "If she still has parental controls on her television at home she's too young for you man!"

3.  "If she has Snow White on DVD, she's too young for you bro!"

4. "If her Keds still light up, she's too young for you bro!"


I cannot WAIT until next week when we get some more details on the Snooki/Sitch/Smush Situation <--Did you get all that?  Also, 2 episodes down and Sammi and Ronnie haven't hooked up yet...("yet" being the operative word).  However, Operation Desperate and Annoying Sammi IS in full force...

What was your favorite part of the episode???  =)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teen Mom Season 3, Episode 6 - 10 things I learned

I told you I'd be back soon and I do NOT disappoint.  So here we are smack dab in the middle of the season.  I decided to pick 10 things from the episode that I learned and share them with you.

1. Holding a dog over a toilet and saying "Go Potty" won't make a dog pee. 
Apparently Farrah didn't know this.  My only hope is that she didn't try to potty train Sophia that way but I wouldn't put it past her...

2. You can get a "C" in "Skills".  
Just so you know, in order to get the degree at the college you have to take a class called Skills.  I'm sure it probably has a number or something too like Skills 101 or Skills 400 etc.  Anywho, Farrah got a "C" in it.  She doesn't agree of course.  She should've talked to her advisor to see if she could substitute Skills 101 for Bitchiness 402.  She would've definitely gotten an "A" in that course.  Hell, she probably could've taught the course.

3. Condom wrappers can double as toys. 
Oh Gary....you can leave out as many condom wrappers as you want but I'm not buying it.  You're not sleeping with anyone but yourself and leaving those things out on the floor was just a deliberate attempt to get America to see them.  You know children are attracted to shiny things.  Leah was going to pick those up no matter what.  Good try Gary....good try...

4. If two parents show up at a birthday party they're automatically back together.
I did not know this but I'll file this under things I need to remember before I invite Olivia's dad anywhere.  Apparently showing up together for a birthday party automatically means you are back together.  Writing this down now....... Thanks in advance Gary.  Pretty sure Amber could've taken some time out of her sitting down and complaining about how much her life sucks but not   doing anything about it schedule to come to her daughter's birthday party.

5. If you don't visit your child for awhile she will end up calling you by your first name only. 
Leah yelling "Ammmbaaa" at the end of the phone call for the win!!! It made me happy and sad at the same time.  Also I'm glad Leah can actually say words since she usually just shakes her head wildly while her parents argue.  Can someone please get through to Amber and tell her that these are the times you don't get back!!  Don't they still live in the same town as each other?  Get up and go see your daughter you lazy (fill in the blank).

6. When Tyler and Catelynn's life is normal it is boring as hell.
O...M..G.. they are so sweet but without their effed up parents they are like watching paint dry.  I need someone in the episode to be wearing a mullet while smoking a Newport and cussing their kid out or I'll have to DVR these episodes and skip over their parts from now on.  P.S. I'm not a total biotch. =)  The retreat seems great.  I'm glad it helps Catelynn.

7. Ryan does not want to get back with Maci again....ever.
I know he Amy Winehouse "No, No, No'd" his mom when she asked him but....Yes he does! Yes he does! Yes he does! (<---Sorry that's just my inside feelings being let out).  Just get back together please? Come on guys.  Do it for the fans.  You know you want to.  We sacrifice 1 hour of our time to watch the show each week.  Can't you do something for us?  Wait...what?  You had a baby as a teen and put your life on display for MTV?....whatever...

8. Maci is a huge whore.
Are you as confused as I am?  Ok good.  Ryan's mom just can't wait to stir up some drama as she runs to Ryan to tell him that she thinks Maci and Kyle are living together.  Does she not have cable?   They've lived together before and I didn't see her having a hissy fit then.  Anyway, she tells Ryan that he shouldn't want men coming in and out of Bentley's life.  I didn't know Maci worked at the Bunny Ranch...  Umm....pretty sure that's the ONLY guy she's dated since Ryan.  Should we even mention Ryan's track record ( I would probably be a casualty if I lived down there.  He really is hot)?  I rest my case. 

9. Where are Kyle's teeth?
Seriously, where are they?  I've never seen them.  Does he have teeth.  He does mumble a lot....hmm....

10.  Taking a shot every time Ryan yawns is NOT a safe drinking game. 
So I decided to take a shot for every yawn this episode.  Fyi, don't EVER try that.  No more vodka shots during an episode of teen mom again.  How can a person yawn that many times during one episode?  It's seriously not safe.  Is he in on my little game?  If not I want him checked out stat..  

So there you go.  10 things I learned.  I hope you got as much out of this episode as I did.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think (I love feedback!)!  See ya next week! Oh and take a little time to enjoy the view (or whatever)...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kansas City Royals Blog <-----Follow it!!

You should follow this blog:


Oh and not just because it's Travis' blog (although it's a plus).   =)  He's a diehard Royals fan and has just started blogging.  If you know of any diehard fans please pass it along to them as well. Thanks so much!!!

P.S. I may start posting a bit more soon.  Jersey has gone to Italy.  While I may not recap I may do short bits from time to time.  =)