Thursday, August 19, 2010

Season 2; Episode 5 "I don't think it stinks, do you?"

Bringing you another recap of our favorite TV show....Teen Mom....

Gary and Amber are back from Florida in which Gary proposed.  Back to the life of bills, more bills and a crazy trashed house!  Seriously, there are 2 adults and 1 kid.  Why does it look like an episode of Hoarders in there??  Well they're back in town and things seem to be going well....for now.  Somehow Gary lost rock paper scissors and is now in a bunny suit for Easter.  Good lord, he's being a great sport.  Especially since this will definitely be on National TV lol.  Our world's craziest teen couple is headed to Gary's mom's house for Easter. Instead of thanking Gary for his bunny help Amber responds with "I cannot talk to you in that freaking Easter bunny outfit.  You look so f*cking funny right now."  Thanks a lot Amber.  Easter with Gary's family seems to be going well.  I mean how estactic does Amber want them to be when she tells them they're engaged for the 3rd time?  Well they break the exciting news and Gary's stepdad makes it clear that he's not a big fan of Amber's parents.  Amber takes offense and walks on home by herself....yep...Easter's going great....  They continue to have an all out fight in which Amber yells "Don't ever ask me to marry you again!"  Looks like we may not have the joy of watching a 4th engagement for these two....  Amber and Gary have a nice night apart after the fight.  And as we all well know Gary and Amber end have a great make-up conversation which includes Amber whining, Gary apologizing, and some crying and hugging.  I'm glad they made up since they're "fianced" now.

Tyler and Catelynn.......sigh......are still trying to work out their issues.  Tyler wants Catelynn's phone records to see how much she's been calling some dude (the ex) in Florida.  Catelynn has cried for 3/4 of this's a little depressing.  Tyler is winning an Emmy for his selfish speech but he's making a good point.  They just need a break from one another good lord....Catelynn calls her counselor to talk about the whole Tyler and phone situation.  I know they love each other but seriously...this doesn't seem to be going well.  Take a break.  We finally see the first mean text message from Tyler.  They go to visit the adoption office to give Easter baskets for Carly and to see Carly's new pictures and end up having a Dawson's creek style argument at the end....sigh...  I pick up my remote and click the info button to make sure I'm not watching an ABC family episode....just checking...I feel bad for them I really do but....ugh....I think they need a little break.  Tyler decides to talk it out with him mom.  I amazed at how rational his mother is.  Looks like their will be a nice end of the episode make up in the future for them......blergh...  =)  Tyler decides that he doesn't want to see the phone records in the end and they make up....awww...whatever....

Maci is baaack.  The majority of Maci's posts will have to be written with that long drawn out southern accent she has.  She's driving 2 hours to Nashville with Bentley for a "sleepover" with her friends.  Pretty sure her idea of a sleeppver is hanging out on a cot in a  Of course the one friend that you don't want to ever babysit your kids says "Can weee bring Bentley to the parrrty with us?" make sure you keep taking that birth control on time Missy because you definitely don't need a kid anytime soon.  They discuss Bentley and Kyyyyle meeting for the first time and Maci seems really happy.  I'm really rooting for this to work so lets all keep those fingers crossed ok? Kyyyyle's coming by to visit Bentley aka Benny Hanna aka B Man Cometh (made that last one up).  Kyyyyyle walks in and gives the total "I'm not a pedophile, really I'm not" phrase "How'reyadoin buddddy?" Give Kyle a bag full of suckers and a van and he may just fit the profile.  Oh calm down, I kid, I kid.  Bentley's not buying it.  Even Maci's encouraging words of "Maybe he doesn't like you" aren't doing the trick...hmm...oh wait...Kyle's getting a ball out....SOLD!  Bentley's got a new best friend!  Time to hit up the arcade....Bentley, Maci and Kyle are having a great visit today.  They even picked a really safe activity to do with the baby......go carts.  Bentley looks a little freaked out but he comes out unscathed.  I gotta admit it.  They are a pretty cute little family if I say so myself.  Kyle is doing really well with Bentley and they seem genuinely happy to be together......ftw.  Maci reads Kyyyyle his rights and he agrees to the contract of dating Maci.  Maci....chill out....he'll be fine.

Moving on....

Frickin flighty Farrah (as she will continue to be called from now on) is spending her first Easter away from her parents.  Looks like the Easter Bunny wasn't able to make it to her place either.  Well that or she may have pressed charges against him too, who knows.  Her mom makes a short appearance in this episode as well looking as "Diva" as ever in her sunglasses while picking up trash for her community service hours.  Kristina "the hairdresser" comes to visit and chat again, basically to help Farrah find out where to sign her checks.  Good think Tara left Sophia on the porch to chill out while they cleaned....that's safe....  Frickin Flighty Farrah is putting her car up for sale.  THIS.....should go amazingly well right?.....yeah no.
Frickin Flighty Farrah puts her car up for sale and is so super happy that it already sold.  The amazing invisible man that bought the car sent her a check for $5000 and also gave her another $3000 to ship it to another invisible location.  Wow....this doesn't seem like a scam at ALL right?  Riiiight???....Right.
Farrah is going to get her car detailed today before they ship it to the invisible seller.  As per the usual routine, Farrah forgets diapers, wipes and a jacket on a rainy day.  This is going SO well.  So now that Farrah sold her car and took out $3000 to wire money to an invisible location she wants to see if the check is a fraud or not....I'm smacking my head against the keyboard while writing this.   Geez Farrah....get it together..  Farrah gets the "surprise" call back from the bank.  Looks like the check was a fraud and now she's $2600 overdrawn with her bank....eek!  I'm sure you're just as shocked as I am right?  Sophia's so shocked that she flings herself off the bed onto the floor just for a dramatic effect.  Way to go Sophia.  She calls over her hairdresser to discuss.  Questions: when does this girl ever do hair?  I haven't even seen her do her own hair.  Frickin Farrah is out a ton of money and rent is coming due very soon.  She's gettng a HUGE dose of reality and a huge deficit in her bank account.  I see a reconciliation with the 'rents in the future....

Stay tuned for next week.  It looks like Maci is moving to be closer to Kyle (how long have they been together?), Gary and Amber fight once again, Freakin Flighty Farrah fumbles with freaky fast speed dating and I'm pretty sure Catelynn's mom goes bat shit crazy....I can't wait!


  1. you are hilarious! i don't even watch this show but i think you got me caught up on all the juiciness without even seeing it!

    <3 Ryan

  2. Holidays bring drama... and there's proof. But, they were thinking outside the box, per se, since it was on Easter, lol

    And as someone who doesnt watch the show, I could definately play catch up just by your commentary!

  3. I love Teen Mom .. this is a great catch up and oh so true!!

  4. This show is totally my guilty pleasure. And since I don't have TV, I'ma come to your blog from now on to get the scoop!