Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quotes from last week's Jersey Shore Episode

Ok, so Teen Mom took a break which means I needed something to take up my time....enter Jersey Shore....with their fist pumping and drunken debauchery I almost completely forgot Teen Mom was delayed for a week. Here are some of my favorite quotes from last week's episode!!!!

"I don't like tests.  That's why I didn't go to college.  Don't test me.  I will fail most of the time (laughs).  -Ronnie

"I think Victoria should've kept this one a secret." - Vinnie discussing Angelina's linger-ain't.

"You need to give up the cookie son so you can find another one.  I'm eating chocolate chip cookies every night dawg." -The Situation's "advice" to Ronnie

"Ronnie made out w/2 girls & put his head in between a cocktail waitresses breast....BOING." - Snooki adding her touch to the anonymous letter.

"He spoons, I fork."  - Pauly @ the gelato shop.

"Do we have a butter face flavor or what?" - Vinnie

"We says tits not breasts.  So she probably won't even know it's us." - Snooki's way of thinking that Sammi won't realize that she and J-Woww wrote the anonymous letter.

And just in case this episode had you wondering "where are their's the link (below).

This week's update coming soon!!!