Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Teen Mom Season 3, Reunion Pt. 2- Let's put Hot Ryan and Translucent Kyle in the same room and get some answers!!!

"I still love you"   "I still love you too"

Here we go guys!!  Part 2 of the Reunion since MTV wants to take up 2 weeks of my time with this mess....

The reunion starts where we left off with Amber coming back onto stage after she ran off last week.  Shoot I thought that was the last I’d see of her.  She seems to be doing much better after her little jaunt backstage.  They talk a little bit more but I’m just ignoring drugged out Amber and her slurry mom.  I want the other couples. 

Ok, now to the good stuff. Tyler and Catelynn are up first.  They show clips of the show.  Frankly I think that they are the best and smartest couple on the show because of all of the adult decisions they made throughout the duration of this show.   You can tell they’re really here to talk about serious issues because Catelynn has on her best bow in her hair with her 1980’s Flashdance off the shoulder t-shirt and Tyler has on his best Ed Hardy knock off tee. They say that their relationship is going well.  They also say that Tyler gets second thoughts about the relationship.  Catelynn is obviously insecure about this since she realizes that she’s gained a bit of weight and she thinks Tyler is going to leave her (he might – I don’t sugar coat).

 ***I mean, don’t get me wrong but think about who you dated when you were 17.  Are you still together?  There’s only a small percentage that say yes…

Tyler says that issues with Butch are unresolved since he’s back in jail (man, I’m so pissed we don’t get to see the mullet this episode).  Apparently he violated his parole violation and was videotaped out with April.  Who turned him in?  TMZ? 
Now just what I wanted.  They bring out April.  She’s wearing her best tank top (sans bra) and is rocking black boots outside of her jeans.  If she would’ve combed her hair an put on her lip balm she would’ve easily looked the best she has looked all season.  April is still hung up on the Carly adoption situation. Honestly April is being calm and articulate.  I’m a bit disappointed.  They’ve all gotten really close through this entire process.  ***Spoiler Alert**** It stinks that Butch got out of jail and got all cracked out and choked April out causing an upcoming divorce….  Their reunion section was so sweet and calm (insert Ryan yawn).  I’m happy for them.

Moving on to what I’ve been wanting for the past week!!  Goldilocks is going to talk about her relationships with Ry-yawn and the Abominable Snowman!!!!.   The best part about all of this is that I’m going to get to see Ryan!!  Yay!!!!  Drew starts out by asking about Ryan. Thank you Dr. Drew!!! Maci says their friendship/co-parenting is going well.  Maci still wants to have another baby because she’s absolutely nuts.  Dr. Drew is trying to talk her out of it.  Probably because this baby would not nearly be as cute as the one she had with Ryan (I’m just being honest people).  They decide to bring out Kyle.  He looks sick to his stomach thinking about having a baby with Maci.  Kyle says that dating a teen mom is hard because of the drama.  He asks Kyle if they broke up would he still want to be part of Bentley’s life.  Kyle says he would like to but Maci shuts that down because she doesn’t want to hurt Bentley.  She says that she feels bad about taking away years from her parents because she moved out when she was 17.   Maci- they’re okay.  Maci also mentions that her parents got married and had her baby when they were 17 and Dr. Drew didn’t know that.  Um, isn’t he supposed to know everything about these people by now?  She also mentions that she got pregnant the first time she had sex "like in the first hour of her having sex she got pregnant".  First of all, within the first hour?  Ryan was putting in WORK wasn’t he?  It probably was the hardest she’s ever seen him work actually.  It wasn’t HIS first time I guess…

Now they bring out Ryan (Yay!!! ßme cheering!).  Where did they hide Kyle??  Oh well who cares.  Ryan is looking hot as usual. Ryan says that he didn’t want to take her to court because he thinks that they can work their parenting issues out on their own.  He also thinks Maci is crazy for wanting to have another baby.   Dr. Drew asks Ryan what the next 5 years would look like.  He says that he would want Maci to be happy and he wants them to get along.  Maci agrees.  So are they going to get back together or not?  I’m confused.  He mentions that if he had been the one to move to Nashville and move in with someone that Maci would’ve freaked.  Dr. Drew asks if he misses Maci when she’s not around.  Ryan says no.  Drewsers eludes that Ryan may still be in love with Maci.  Ryan says that without a doubt that he’s still loves her as a person because she’s the mom of his child.  He says that Maci will be in his life until the day that she dies.  Dr. Drew says that he was pulling for them to get back together (as was America) and they both say that wouldn’t be healthy (right now).  Dr. Drew reluctantly decides to bring out Kyle, or as Maci says it “Kyyyyyy”.  Ryan says that Kyle is a good guy and that Kyle and Maci seem happy.  Ryan says that it was rough when they first met (because Ryan still loved Maci right?) but they are okay now.  Kyle was doing a lot of talking but I couldn’t understand it all because he can’t open his mouth.  Ryan and Maci have some conversation about not getting along sometimes and blah blah blah.  I think Dr. Drew helped them through it but I had to Ryan yawn so I missed that part.  Are Maci and Ryan back together yet?  Not yet?  Okay….  Ryan’s advice to teen parents is to do everything you could to work it out and to be there for your child.  Dr. Drew asks Ryan if he did everything he could to work it out with Maci (#Boom!) and Ryan doesn’t agree or deny to it.  Ryan says that if he could do it over again he would’ve tried to work harder on everything.  Maci looks sad about it because secretly she loves Ryan still.  You know you see it America.  I’m just putting it on paper (electronic paper). plug!!!!  

In the end they bring out everyone on stage and it’s fun and awkward and just like a real reunion.  The cast gets to ask each other questions.  All the moms say that they’re better off now then they were at the beginning of the shows (thanks MTV money).  Amber asks Catelynn if they’ve chosen a date for their wedding yet (really?).  Catelynn says July 15th of some year that they don’t know yet (it’s not gonna happen).  Bentley goes and sits next to Farrah.  It is the cutest thing ever.  He’s got a crush on Farrah.  Watch out Farrah!!   Sophia does a monster face and Leah is running around in a ball gown wanting attention so she gets to say goodbye to everyone.

Well, I guess it is goodbye to another Season of Teen Mom.   I hope they show a Season 4 otherwise I won’t know what to do with my time on Tuesday evenings.  Maybe sleep??….Naw….I’ll probably just Google pictures of Ryan and try to contact him via Facebook and Twitter.  Bentley your stepmom is on the way!!!!!


  1. I love reading your blogs, they crack me up. BUT I like Kyle even if he doesn't talk with his mouth open. I think Ryan is cute but his cockiness ruins it!!!!!

  2. Don't get me wrong, I know Kyle is probably the best one for Maci and Bentley. I just like looking at Ryan. I don't really know what he says half the time through that accent of his.

  3. Kyle is the BEST......................Ryan will forever be a douche!!! And if his parents sat back and really WATCHED the show, they would see that thier son is a JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. and his attitude makes him UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYY